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Org Design Training

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Ready for your team to align on a proven, consistent approach?

If you are looking to upskill HR and business professionals in your organization, I offer an interactive training that can be conducted virtually or in-person. The 10 hours of training, broken into two sessions, covers effective frameworks and methods that have been used to help clients rethink their organizations for over 20 years.

Standard content and breakout activities can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and industry. You and your team can expect to discover:

  1. Core organization design frameworks used by top experts.

  2. Running an organization design process.

  3. Organizational implications of strategy and organization definition.

  4. Effective discovery and diagnosis – clarifying the problems to solve and defining cross-functional organization capabilities.

  5. Four major structural grouping options and key design drivers: advantages and disadvantages for aligning organizations.

  6. 'Differentiation' versus 'scale' in organization design.

  7. Sorting work to design enabling functions.

  8. Identifying and remediating integration challenges.

  9. Decision clarity tools.

Workshop training can accommodate up to 25 people per cohort. If you are interested to learn more, please contact me directly.

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